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This Sudanese language course download was originally developed for the U.S. Goverment to help train soldiers prior to overseas deployment!

This download is the Sudanese language course which is taught for speaking the Sudanese language while deployed in Sudan.

Sudanese Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the country, and is dominant in much of the north. It is the result of a mixing of Egyptian Arabic and Arabic from the Arabian peninsula with local languages (El Rutana).

The Sudanese language course has Sudanese Arabic words and phrases that are most commonly used.

Course is designed to learn the basic Sudanese language quickly and easily.

Once you download your Sudanese language course you can install the program on your computer or PDA.

The download is delivered as software in a zip file which can be unpacked with any free zip program.

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downloadable sudanese language download course for immediate download


This is a Sudanese language software
download course. This course covers the basic language. Included are military commands. The course can be installed on your computer or PDA.

This is a downloadable Sudanese
language course.

Quick Product Overview:

  • Learning Level (Basic)B
  • SoundYES
  • Flash RequiredNO
  • Install on ComputerYES
  • Installable on PDAYES
  • Printable Lesson BookNO
  • Windows XP or HigherYES
  • DownloadYES
  • N/A

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