Thirsty Rock Publishers has been selling download products on the internet since 2002.
Each product is screened using AVG, Norton and McAfee to insure they are virus free prior to being uploaded to the server for distribution on this site.

Digital downloaded products are delivered via a download page instantly after payment. Also a download link will be delivered to your email.
Product formats include PDF, ZIP, and MP3 just to name a few.
Read the items description to see what format the file is in. Large files will be delivered in a .zip file. So if you are downloading a large PDF file etc., it while be compressed in a zip file to be unpacked once downloaded.

Download products available on this site are growing each and every day. And with the digital age of shopping from your chair, we expect this to be one of the nation’s largest resources of for those that want it now!


Add items you wish to download to the buy now cart, then go to your cart to start the payment process.
Insure you give a valid email to get a backup copy of the download link sent to you.
It's that easy!


Once your payment has been made and has cleared the payment processor you will be redirected to a download page with all the products you purchased.
Also a secure email will be sent to you with these links. The email with download links will be sent to the email you gave to the payment processor.

FORMS OF PAYMENT All Major forms of payment to include Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and (PayPal account if you have one) are accepted.
You will immediatly be redirected to a download page once payment has been made.
There you will be able to download your products.
An email with a link to your products will also be sent in
5-10 minutes.
Usually faster!

If you are paying by E-Check (withdrawal from checking account) it will take up to 3 days for your payment to clear and you will not be able to download immediatly. A link will not be sent to your email until your payment clears.

If you decide to use your backup copy of the link in the email, we recommend that you copy and paste the link(s) to your Internet Browser URL box to download.
Email programs like Outlook are not designed for large file downloads and can timeout prior to receiving your full download. The links provided will work in all Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.

Small files always can be download clicking on the link in email.
By small file we mean a PowerPoint presentation, manual etc.

Larger files like languages, video presentations etc., require you to copy and paste the link in your Internet browser to insure a fast and uninterrupted download.
These files are very large!


NOTE: Downloading from your Internet Browser is always a faster download for all file sizes.
Remember where you decide to save your file so you can find it after downloading!      

You will have 72 hours to download your product and you can download it 3 times. After that the link becomes invalid.
If for some reason you still need to download your product, please contact support so we can Re-activate your link.

contact download support

Main >FAQ and Help Page

Help Pages and FAQ with download products Help Pages and FAQ with download products


A quick and simple overview of purchasing and downloading your products. Please read this help column thoroughly if this is the first time you have bought from us.

Payment Types Overview:

The following modes of payment are accepted.

Credit Card
Debt Card
Checking Withdrawal

The financial processor will be PayPal.
This does not mean you need a PayPal account to purchase items.
You will have the option to enter your information for other payment methods at checkout if you do not wish to use a PayPal account.

Note: If you are paying with a checking account withdrawal, it will take up to 3 days for the funds to be cleared.
Your links to the products you purchased will be sent to you once the money has posted by our bank.

We do not get any of your personal information except your name, email address and products purchased.
PayPal the processor is the only one who sees and retains all other information.

The charge will appear as Thirsty Rock Distribution on your statements or account.

After Payment Overview:

Once your payment has been made you will redirected to a page with your download links for instant download.

Note: If you are withdrawing money from your checking account, this page will not appear, you will only get an email once payment clears in 2-3 days.

*Also* an email will be sent to you with your download links to the email address you provided.
If using PayPal, it will be the email address of your PayPal account.

In the email will be the link or links to your product or products.

We do not solicit you after your purchase or give out your email address. If we do contact you it is because you contacted us first.

Downloading your Products:

Once your payment has been made, you will be redirected to a screen to download your products.

*See Example #1 on Left*

Click on the links for each download and remember where you downloaded the files so you can find them when you are done downloading.

You receive your product links 2 ways.
Instant download page and via email!

Receiving Your Backup Links via Email:

Most emails with download links are received in 5-10 minutes from time of payment.
Note: If paying with checking account withdrawal, you will not get an email with links for 2-3 days till the funds clear and are posted.

If you do not see your email with links, first check your Junk Mail Folder before contacting us.

Downloading Products from EMAIL:

Once you receive your Backup Links Email you will notice underlined and colored URL links.

These are your download links to your products that you purchased.


Instead- Right Click on the link in your email and choose copy link or copy.

Open you Internet Browser and paste the link you just copied to the URL box at the top of your Internet Browser.

(The URL box is the box that shows the address of the website you are at when surfing the web and where you type in a webb address at the top of your web browser window)

Just right click in that box, select Paste from the popup menu and the link will replace what is in the URL box.

Hit enter and a screen will appear with your download.
Click on your download and the download will begin.

Remember where you download your file so you will be able to locate it after it is downloaded.

If your download is in a zip file, you will need to unpack the file to get your Product. All products that are extremely large file size, will be in a zip file.

You most likely have an unzip program already on your computer. If you do not, there are plenty free ones on the internet. Just search for free unzip program. All will work!

Once you have the file unzipped, if the file is an .exe file, you will need to run the program as any other program by double clicking on the .exe file to install the product. Not all products require to be zipped so you may not need to use a free unzip program.

If you have any other further questions, please click on the Contact Support Link on the left of the page!